The Cretan Cuisine is known as one of the healthiest diets worldwide because it mainly includes fresh organic local ingredients. If you are crazy about cooking and love the Greek/Cretan kitchen, we are happy to invite you to join our workshop!

Adults €45,-. Children till 16 years half price

In a closed garden of the cosy restaurant LAVA, located on the beach of Agia Galini, traditional cooking lessons are given by Greek cooking lovers. They know the job very well and they are happy to teach you with passion their secrets from their own family kitchen!

All dishes are made with real and pure Cretan products like olive oil, vegetables, cheese, meat, wine, etc. Of course all the ingredients are fresh and local. In addition useful information is given about the herbs, olive oil and other ingredients that are mentioned. Also they will explain you the nutritional value of these products and the way to use these them in cooking.

After the cooking you sit with everyone at a big table and enjoy the food! You taste your own cooked meal accompanied by a local wine, Greek music and good stories……..

Kali Oreksi! (Enjoy your meal!)