Dance Therapy


Each session of this dancetherapy methodology is devoted to a specific theme. Topics may include: light, heavy, fear, trust, define boundaries, chaos and silence. The five-day dancetherapy course takes place in a natural environment, where we can move freely and undisturbed.

Dancetherapy: Monday till Friday from 17:30 to 19:30 hours (dates end of this page)

What do we do? There are always nine fixed parts during the dancetherapy sessions. We begin with the opening to make it through movements acquainted. Followed by a warming-up, which not only makes the muscles warm, but also encourages “living in the now”. Breaking free of your daily routine. 

During the merger exercise, we will shaping often deeper hidden desires through movement and gesture. Based on a few simple steps we cast off the brakes in the free dance. Live your physical delicious. The next part deals with social communication. Experience that you’re together in this world; you are not alone. In the circle dance press contact between yourself and your fellow man. We continue to feel the exercise. You focus on your feelings and give it shape.

And last but not least. The relaxation, the rest of the session. You listen to the initiation of a story you more self shapes with images that come up. We close the session with a brief discussion afterwards.

Package: dancetherapy, including accommodation upward to € 650,- (reservation at booking)

Dancetherapy without accommodation € 275,- (reservation at booking)

Minimum participants: 4 

Dates: June: 5 – 9 or 12 – 17; September: 11 – 15 or 18 – 22; October: 16 – 20 or 23 – 27