Upon registration you will receive at first an intake form of the trainer. The trainer will prior to the mindfulness course, contact you. The course is highly interactive with alternating experiential, and body awareness exercises. During the course you will receive with daily tips and exercises to further integrate mindfulness during your stay and at home.

Mindfulness course: Monday to Friday 9.30 to 11.30 pm (dates: see bottom of page)

In this course we will look at what midfulness is and what can bring you. We practice the first day with the awareness of automatic thoughts that are constantly present. Through the relaxation exercise with the body scan experience how your mind can let go and allow this without judgment. The second day we practice to learn to consciously focus our attention. We do this by concentrating on your breathing and moving your attention. Examine assumptions is the theme of the third course. Watch and listen with an open mind. We do exercise movement to be present with attention in the here and now.  The fourth day is devoted how problems can also learn to accept a different way. Exercise to think in possibilities instead of impossibilities. The last day we finish with the theme “a new perspective”.

Package: mindfulness course, including accomadotion upward of € 650,- (reservation by booking)

Mindfullnes course without accommodation € 275,- (reservation by booking)

Minimum participants: 4 

Dates: June: 5 – 9 of 12 – 17; September: 11 – 15 of 18 – 22; October: 16 – 20 of 23 – 27