Photography workshop


Are you planning your holiday in Aga Galini for August? Would you like to learn more about photography from a professional? Challenge yourself with these workshops! To be able to join, you must possess at least a SLR-, a system- or a compactcamera, as these are the indispensable tools you’ll need for this course!

Workshop photography  14- 17 August: monday, tuesday and thursday 9.00 – 12.00 hour; wednesday 9.00 – 15.00 uur (excursion)

During this four-day course you learn to control all the technological possibilities of your camera. This is the basis of your photographical knowledge that you will then learn to apply creatively. You are going to switch from automatic control to choose shutter speed and diaphragm manually! Observe and learn to decide what is important to frame in your picture and what is best to leave out. It’s of  great importance to make choices in viewpoint, composition, selection and especially the timing. With the skills you learn and by practicing regularly, you will immerse yourself more into photography. The hard work will pay off!

Besides its rich culture, Crete has also a magnificent nature with very intense light conditions of which you can’t get enough as a photographer.

In the mornings we’ll be engaged with information and instruction, then we will walk through the village streets with our cameras and practice our new skills. We will evaluate our daily experiences and review the content, it’s form and the more technical aspect of the taken images. On the third day an excursion is planned along photogenic locations. Finally, on the fourth day, besides the pictures we have taken we discuss further possibilities of processing the images.
The use of a tablet is a handy and useful tool to show your pictures but not an immediate requirement. If you have a smart phone a free light meter app can be downloaded which can be very useful.

Package: workshop photography, including accommodation upward of € 625,-(reservation at booking)

Workshop photography without accommodation: € 200,- (reservation at booking)

Minimum number of participants: 4